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Iron Man is the favorite and most fan loved character within Marvel Cinematic Universe. From Iron man to avengers he is always loved by people. There are several reasons why people love Iron Man. Have you thought of a superhero without any superpower? Yes we have!! Iron Man is one of the few heroes of avengers with no Superpower.

He is always been loved because of his sarcastic and arrogant behavior by his fans. If you are thinking arrogant and sarcastic, how is this person loveable? But Iron Man perfectly made him loveable with these qualities and his fans really appreciate him.

If someone asks about the best member of Avengers, then only name comes in our mind is none other than our favorite Mr. Iron Man. He is one the superheroes with whom people naturally relate. With imperfect and most human character, he is the most loved member of Avengers.

Despite of his arrogance and sarcastic behavior, he is the most intelligent hero and that’s what makes him the important team member.  With his coolest costume he is gaining more appreciation from viewers. As Iron Man has no superpowers, but this cool suite allows him to fly and yes he is the best fighter in Avengers team.

His character is the most human, he is most caring and loyal. He is rich and and successful but he has relationships problem. He used to make mistakes but always trying to do best things. These all are some of the reasons people love Iron Man.

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