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Believe me that you are a fortunate person if you have a family around you to say Good night, these two words are not just simple words, for me, it gave me a sense of relaxation and creates a peaceful environment especially when my mom says it to me. Hmm and after that moon is the most loyal companion in sky. Looking on night sky you will witness the beauty of glorious moon shinning with all pride and shine. It also gives us idea, how ancient is our universe. Seeing from the Mother Earth, Indeed moon is the brightest celestial body on Night sky.

It gives the feeling how perfectly moon is looking after our lives that’s why moon is also known as Grandmother Moon. Whenever we are sad or feeling alone, there is a companion right on the sky, a friend riding with you and looking after you. Isn’t it the amazing feeling?

The lunar cycle is revealing the reality of life and death, full moon shinning with full brightness and then as time passes it started losing its shine and resulted in slowing down of reflection. That’s the reality of life.

I really loved to see the moon on clear night sky with trillions of dotted stars. Moon has full control on our planet from brightening the sky to turning the tides. From childhood we have shared so many fairy tales associated to moon and that’s why I still love to do moon gazing in night.

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