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It’s natural for Man to crave for beauty and undoubtedly there’s nothing more beautiful than nature. The beauty of nature always fascinates us with its endearing beauty. Earth, Rivers , mountains and trees they all are indeed evidence of God’s creation. The beauty around us is the blessing of God on us.

If there’s anything in perfection then it’s only Nature. The unfolding life of flowers, the eminence of mountains and wide stretch of sea are adding to beauty of Nature. The beautiful diversity of colors have created beautiful scenery of Nature.

As William Shakespeare said,

One touch of nature makes the whole world kin

We as a human, search for the peaceful places that is also a reason Nature attracted us toward itself. The nature not only has diversity in colors, but you will witness diversity in different climates, places and species. This diversity and interconnection is attracting many artists, painters and creators to enjoy the charm of nature. I love to cherish the beauty of sun-set and sky gazing. Nature is the perfect therapy for people coping with depression and mental health issues.

God-Mother with its beautiful Natural landscapes has built our connection with God. Nature brings you closer to your inner soul and spirit.

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