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The Prominence Mountains in our artistic nature is revealing endless beauty. The sense calmness and peace given by scenic beauty of mountains landscapes is amazing. Doubtlessly, this scenic beauty of nature is adding peacefulness to human life.

Big rocky mountains standing with pride are not only giving us sense of beauty and happiness, they are sign of how powerful is our God and his created Earth. They develop a sense of spirituality in people  The beauty of Mountain is worth appreciating, you will witness the beauty of world, if you go high up on a mountain.

Mountains are perfect masterpiece of Nature. From snowy peaks to rocky faces they have endless beauty. Mountains are lucky to have perfect fresh and pure air; if you go up there on mountain you will feel the sense of cleansing. How amazing is this to imagine!!

Mountains have paradise on Earth. The beautiful cloudy sky, sun-shining and stars on Night sky are worth appreciating.

“Never measure the height of a mountain until you reach the top. Then you will see how low it was.”
– Dag Hammerskjold

The mountains create a desire in us and a challenging sense to cope with struggles of life. Indeed everything from cool breeze to chirping birds on mountains are attracting us to discover this beauty.

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