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If we look around us, trees are true blessing of God on us. They are source of life for human beings. No one can deny the beauty of trees. The aesthetic color patterns and texture of leaves make everyone fall for them.

Deeply rooted in Earth, they are attracting the nature lover’s eye towards itself. The sweet symphony of cool breeze is adding charm to beauty of nature. The mighty branches, trunks and rustle of leaves shows the magical beauty.

Trees create sense of spirituality in us. They are so close to human life cycle, from shedding of leaves to re-flowering trees are symbol of life. You will feel peaceful and relaxed when you are in healthy fresh wind of trees. Many psychologists suggest that trees are very important for mental health of people. They are natural therapy for depression, anxiety and stress. Trees develop feelings of awe and sense of wonder with its mighty presence as nature has more powerful things than us. If you will look at trees, just imagine how beautifully God has created these beautiful creations and their growth cycle. Trees are ultimate source of interconnection of a person to nature. They are indeed perfect gift of God for us.  Carrying the peaceful energy, trees remind us the magic and endless beauty of Nature.

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