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What comes in your mind when you read or hear word Earth? Our beautiful mother planet!!

To love our place is natural factor. The Earth is home planet for all of us including birds and animals. Whenever we move freely on streets, or we go for picnic we see so beautiful places around us. Have you ever noticed this before?

We are blessed with God’s best creation. The beautiful mountains and wide expanse of seas are the masterpiece. Life on Earth is peaceful; we can enjoy the hiking on mountains and have pure and fresh air to breathe. These all sceneries are worth appreciating.

Just take a moment and look around you, the green trees, the prominence of mountains, the fairy meadows and wait don’t miss the beauty of sky. Beautiful sun-shine in day and in night sky you enjoy the incredible view of moon and galaxies.

Loving Earth is natural act. Life on Earth is full of magic and wonder, you will witness beauty of this beautiful planet everywhere. Make this life as a source of joy by enjoying these amazing views.

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